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Leaders Septic Tank Emptying Cornwall Ltd ® are a Licensed waste carrier, complying with all applicable legislation regarding the handling and disposal of your waste and as such will issue you with all relevant documentation required every step of the way.


Catering for:

  • Domestic and commercial customers​​

  • Campsites - however we are unable to take any chemical tanks from caravans.

  • liquid waste removal

  • Construction industry

  • Up to 1000g and 2000g liquid waste removal capacity.. If you require a larger load then please contact us for a personalised quote.

  • Decommissioning pump outs.

  • New build storage tank

  • Industrial units

  • Klargester​ | Conder | Clearwater | Harlequin | Tricel | Hydroclear | Kingspan | Bio Tanks and many more brands

How often should I have my Septic Tank/Cesspool or Treatment plant emptied? 

The general advice from the Environment Agency is that Septic Tanks should be emptied or de-sludged once per year by an operator licensed for the carriage of waste by the Environment Agency. However, this can vary depending on your household type, or, if your tank is not working as efficiently as it should or even if the water table is high. We can advise you on a schedule of emptying. Please follow link to the environment agency website for guidance.

Why does my septic tank system need to be emptied?

Under section 85 of the 1991 Water Sources Act, if your tank fails and discharges effluent into the environment, no matter how clean it is, you would be committing an offence. Therefore, there is a legal requirement to effectively manage the pollution risk your wastewater system poses to the environment. Having your system emptied regularly by a licensed waste carrier offers you reassurance that the effluent is being properly disposed of, whilst remaining compliant.


By taking advantage of our service you could benefit from;

  • Reduced health and safety risks due to effluent surfacing

  • Ensure you're compliant with sewage legislation and avoid fines for non-compliance

  • Avoid the pollution of nearby ground water and the wider environment

  • All necessary documentation provided to confirm waste disposal was carried out properly

Extract taken from Kingspan website

Liquid waste removal in Cornwall

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