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Terms and Conditions:

  • Your driver will call you on his way to your property to ensure you are in and ready to receive him. If we cannot make contact with you, he will not arrive. 

  • Access to the proprty and all lids must be clear and free from debris, overhanging branches, brambles, bushes and nettles prior to our drivers arrival. If access is not clear we reserve the right to cancel the empty and charge a cancellation fee of £65.

  • You must make us aware of any road closures affecting your area prior to our arrival. If we cannot access your property on the day, we reserve the right to charge you the £65 “cancellation fee” to cover the lost disposal slot.

  • You must be at the property on the day for the agreed time, unless otherwise previously agreed with the office.

  • If anything is found on the day of the empty that will affect the quote you were given via email or telephone, the driver will make you aware. Factors such as Thick Sludge due to not being emptied, a longer distance than expected to the lids, Blockages, Wipes, Gravel or collapsed lids in the tank, Uphill pumping or larger quantities will all affect the quote given. We will make you aware of these as soon as they are noted.

  • We do not cover blockages or plumbing within the property.

  • We do not offer repairs, maintenance or a separate unblocking service.

  • If a booking is cancelled within 24hours of the time slot given, a fee of £65 will be charged to cover the cancellation.

  • On the day, we will invite you to look in the tank to make sure you are happy with the empty and rinse out.

  • We cannot be held liable for any subsequent damage to the property or tank system after we have left site or where the system has not been maintained and is in poor condition. Or where it has not been raised at the time of the empty.

  • We are a pay on the day service. Cash, Apple Pay, Debit or Credit Card are accepted.

  • Cheque payments are no longer accepted.

  • We will charge a 10% late fee to all invoices after 7 days.

  • We reserve the right to pull away from any job where the driver deems it unsafe.


Revised May 2024

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