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Over time, sludge will build up in the bottom of the tank. Even though bacteria does help control the amount of sludge in the bottom of the tank, this bacteria cannot break down sludge fast enough to completely eliminate sludge, especially with the different types of soaps and detergents we now use in our sinks, toilets and showers. If the tank is left unemptied, the sludge will accumulate and limit the capacity of your tank. Over time this will cause backing up, overflowing and blockages in the drainage pipes which can be costly to rectify. When the tank is pumped, the sludge is removed, pipes checked and the tank is emptied.

It is important to use a professional Waste Disposal Company, so that you can ensure the tank is correctly emptied. We will also provide you with a Waste Transfer Note, so you can ensure the waste is taken to a  Waste Disposal Site licensed by the Environment agency. 


Septic Tanks explained

A Septic Tank is a large underground tank that Is capable of holding hundreds, sometimes thousands of gallons of waste water. Septic Tanks come in various sizes, most commonly 1,000 gallons, 1,200 gallons, 1,500 gallons 2000 gallons and so on. The septic tank is connected to the house a sewage pipe. All waste water in the home, which drains from sinks, toilets, showers and baths, feeds into the septic tank via this line.


When the waste water enters the septic tank, it separates into three layers: solids at the bottom (sludge), water in the middle, and fats and oils at the top (scum). Bacteria that lives in the tank helps to break down the sludge, turning it into a liquid.


Near the top of the septic tank is a pipe that leads to a part of the system called the drainage field or soakaway. When the waste water in the septic tank reaches this pipe, the water flows into the drainage field and is filtered through the soil. The soil cleans the water, preventing contamination of ground water in the area.

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